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In The Kitchen With Michael Cerny, Executive Chef at Truluck’s in Brickell.

Seafood, steaks, and crabs, oh my! The tried and true classic restaurant is excited to once again be participating at the South Beach Seafood Festival on October 20th.

In anticipation of the seafood lovers’ festival, I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Truluck’s executive chef, Michael Cerny to talk about Truluck’s, the man himself, and the South Beach Seafood Festival.

About Truluck’s.

Founded in 1992, Truluck’s currently has twelve locations in the states including California, Texas, Illinois, and Florida. Truluck's even purchased its own fishery in Naples, Florida to ensure instant delivery of its signature item, Florida stone crabs. It’s mantra is from the sea to the table within 24 hours ensuring quality and freshness. The portions are large and hearty and customers flock to Truluck’s on Mondays for its seasonal all-you-can-eat stone crab special, as well as it’s daily happy hour held weekdays from 3-7pm and weekends from 4-7pm with an abundance of food and drink specials. Truluck’s also offers another seasonal adequately named Summer Escape prix fixe, three course dinners with optional wine pairings at a very budget friendly price, as well as lunch every day of the week.

About Chef Michael Cerna.

The Florida native almost missed his calling when he applied to West Point Academy. Fate determined that Michael would be a chef and not a soldier. He obtained his culinary degree from distinguished Johnson & Whales in 2007. Michael joined Truluck’s in 2011 as a sous chef and climbed the rank to become executive chef a mere three years later. Michael has been an asset at Truluck’s for seven years now.

The 33 year old, family man has a three year old daughter that brings a sparkle to his eyes when he speaks of her. They bond over daddy/daughter time while mixing simple food items at home. When Michael is not in the kitchen, he enjoys kayaking and riding his motorcycle, and his most favorite food is risotto—which lucky patrons can enjoy as an occasional chef’s special at Truluck’s. (Side note: I’ll be calling Truluck’s daily to find out when this will be happening and you should, too.)

What to expect from Truluck’s at the South Beach Seafood Festival.

While Michael is not competing in this year’s Chef Showdown, this writer is certain that his crab cake would have won. The delicate and savory masterpiece is served on a bed of housemade tartar with shallots, crème fraiche, pickles, capers, dill, and parsley which is also incorporated into the flaky crab cake itself and served with a grilled lemon wedge.

This year, chef and Truluck’s will be offering attendees at the South Beach Seafood Festival these insanely delicious crab cakes as well as mini lobster rolls, stone crabs, and key lime pie shooters. Make sure to swing by their booth to enjoy some seriously fresh and tongue tingling delights.

Sea you there and make sure to use promo code BFM for 20% off.

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